Leather Sofa Cleaning Golders Green

leather-sofa-Golders GreenIf you are worried that you do not have the know-how to take proper care of your leather furniture and fear that their lives will quickly end, contact our company and book the most perfect leather sofa cleaning service you will find in Golders Green, NW11.

Our cleaners are experienced and they can deal with all of the common cleaning problems leather furniture have. Trust our cleaners, they are qualified, hard-working and very diligent in their work.

What is more, they clean by hand, so you can be sure that your leather sofa will not be damaged in the process.


Leather Sofa Cleaning
Leather Chair £16/h £15/h
Leather Sofa – Two Seat £55/h £50/h
Leather Sofa – Three Seat 77/h £70/h

Efficient Leather Sofa Cleaning Service Golders Green

Here is some more important information about our company and service that you need to know:

  • We are offering you a variety of convenient packages
  • Our work hours are flexible and we work from Monday to Sunday
  • Our prices are cost-effective, they are reasonable and affordable
  • You can hire our service for regular maintenance
  • We are available everywhere in NW11
  • We are the ones who provide the cleaning products

“I’ve stopped by to say that your leather sofa cleaning service went pretty smoothly and left my furniture in fantastic shape. This is something I’m going to be thankful for for the rest of my life. You revived my old furniture and that is great because I don’t have to buy new chairs and sofa. I could just keep using what I already have.” – Monica

We guarantee you that our cleaners are adequate and experienced and they know how to take care and clean any type of leather upholstery. You can count on us to give your leather furniture a proper and thorough professional cleaning.

Leather Sofa Cleaning NW11

leather-sofa-cleaning-golders-greenWhat is more, our cleaners clean by hand, and they do not use any harsh chemicals that would damage your leather sofa in the long-term. Our cleaners are equipped with most efficient leather cleaning products on the market. They will clean your leather furniture more than skin deep, and when they are done they will apply a conditioner on the leather, to keep the leather nicely moisturised so that it will not dry and crack.

You can rely on our cleaners for impeccably cleaned leather sofa and we assure you that thanks to our skilled cleaners and the fantastic cleaning products and conditioners they use, the life of your leather sofa will be prolonged.

Call us for an appointment now, we have the most fairly priced leather sofa cleaning service you can find in Golders Green.