Hedge Trimming Golders Green

Hedge Trimming Golders GreenYou live in a big house and have a huge garden? If you have found out that it is not enough to just have the garden, but it also needs to be regularly maintained and taken care of, you should hire our professionals to do it.

We are offering you our hedge trimming service, it is a great alternative to you doing it on your own. We are offering you the best hedge trimming service available in Golders Green NW11, so give us a call soon. We will not disappoint you.

Our hedge trimmers are professionally trained, and are qualified to keep you shrubs, hedges and small trees looking perfect.

Gardening Services
Basic Gardening £50/h £45/h
Lawn Mowing £50/h £45/h
Hedge Trimming £50/h £45/h
Weeding £50/h £45/h

“Never before have I had such a great looking garden. Thank you for the most professional gardening service! Your gardeners did wonders with my garden, it used to look awful, now it’s perfect. I will use you for regular maintenance.” – Michael

Affordable Hedge Trimming Service Golders Green

Here is more about us:

  • Our service is available for regular maintenance, all year round
  • Our gardeners are knowledgeable in all the different types of hedges and trees and their trimming needs
  • We work seven days a week with flexible work hours, and on bank holidays too
  • We operate everywhere in Golders Green
  • Our prices are very considerate and very cost-effective
  • We guarantee you a very convenient and efficient hedge trimming service

Sometimes, hedge trimming can be dangerous, if you attempt to do it on your own. If your trees, hedges or bushes are too high, and you want to take care of them on your own, you would need a ladder or a scaffolding, to help you reach it. But these things are always scary and unstable. Save yourself a potential injury and book our hedge trimming service now.

Hedge Cutting NW11

Hedge After TrimmingOur professional hedge trimmers are fully equipped with all kinds of trimming machinery, and will give you a safe, quiet, quick and efficient hedge trimming service. They use electrical trimmers, extended length trimmers, that do not require a scaffolding. They will perfectly trim your tall hedges from the safety of the ground.

Our gardeners will cut your overgrown hedges, but you can also hire them for regular landscape maintenance. Hurry up and give us a call now, if you want your garden too look fantastic. Hire the best hedge trimming service in Golders Green, and enjoy our practical prices.